Friday, June 22, 2012


All of us has certain duties to perform. As a daughter, as a citizen, as a student, mother, sibling, family member, or even a mere human bean sharing the universe with millions of other people.

Daddy's day just gotten by, and just so happen my dad's birthday is just a few days after the D Day (haha). So as a daughter, I felt obligated to give him something. Not like "oh hi it's fathers day, everyone is giving. So should I". But more like "hi dad, I luv you and I can never have another man in my life to love me like you do. I'd give you anything you ask for because you're my father". Not like he asked for anything, but it is precisely he never asks, I feel even more obligated.

My father
He will cycle to the mrt station to top up my bus card when I was younger. Because the fat and ungrateful me then would use my ez link card to go eat Macdonalds all the time.
He will wake up early in the morning to cook breakfast for me and ensure my tummy is filled before leaving the house. Be it when I'm working, or be it when I'm schooling. Never would he say he's tired and choose to sleep in. If he's home, I don't have to worry. There are even times when I'm such an ingrate I threw away the food he cooked :( I'm so unworthy of his effort :(
He would never failed to give me my allowances on time. Even if it was little, I believe it wasn't easy to come by. Money is not easily earned at his age, especially for someone who isn't very much educated. But of course, the allowances stopped a few years ago and it's my turn to give him! It isn't easy man.
He'll always be proud to show off what his children achieve in front of other relatives. Time and again, we disappoint him. As traditional Chinese families, our relative tends to compare every thing. Really every thing. Size of house, jobs, level of education, just believe me when I say everything. It's unbelievable how much these people wanna win each other. It's the society that's ugly - we are constantly in a chase and run. I'm glad I'm in the process of reaching the top. Very glad.
He would silently pack our rooms and iron our clothes. Wash our fans. And behave just like a house husband. Because he loves us.

My dad would do everything to love all the four of us. He is a man of few words, but that never prevented me from feeling his fatherly love. Sometimes he might be a little harsh, but it's all for our good. Without his reprimands, I seriously doubt we'd all grow up to be decent.

Even if it was his birthday/daddy's day, he worried about my school fees when I gave him an ang pow. He would want me to have enough instead of giving him something a dad deserve.

I'd do anything my dad asks me to. Because I know he always wants to best for me, and he had never once given up on anyone of us, no matter how bad we become. Daddy, I love you. <3

Have you figured out your duties to fulfil?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Life in a bitty

Changing of jobs
Hair extensions, lash extensions, a million different hair colour
Life in a bitty.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Be thankful, always

Instead of thinking about how you have to wake up early every day, be thankful. because some people can never wake up again.
Instead of thinking about how you have spent all your money on useless things/things that are not worth it, be glad that you have the ability to spend money like this. Not everyone has spending power. Not everyone is able to even have the amount of money you have in your wallet right now.

I have truly thought about many things throughout this period, and decided to plunge right back into my passion and hobbies instead of working myself silly. I'm a workaholic because I can't stand doing nothing or sleeping all day. In fact I hate sleeping. It's a total waste of time! We can sleep all we want after we die, right? So why not spend that 'sleeping time' on influencing people and loving every bit of all our miserable lives?

Back to track: life has been good to me. and will always be!

This year, similar to all the previous years, I will set resolutions and achieve them. Sorry I'm nothing like the sort who "oh I'm setting my new resolutions ......forgets about it 5 seconds later". I still keep my 2011 resolutions :) it is really gratifying to see yourself achieving more and more in life. Before 21, I have already stashed up many things that a 35 year old could possibly have problems getting! Life is good, and will always get better. We all have money, and live in abundance. We must be thankful for all these because sometimes, life was not supposed to be smooth sailing. It is the faith, trust and believe we held on from time to time that makes us who we are right here, right now.

My inspiration is myself. Myself. I am thankful for all the things I have. I am in the process of learning how to be a better person - inside out. Doesn't matter what the others would say, as long as you stay true and sincere to yourself, thereby lies the greatest joy one can ever find. Motivate yourself, love yourself, and always push yourself to achieve more; no one is allowed to shortchange you in life. Be positive, and fight for what you believe in!

I'm thankful for the people around me; loving me in every bit. I'm thankful for my Mummy, who lets me hold her arms when we go out. Who cooks for me whenever I behave like a spoilt brat. Who nags at me for buying too many shoes/bags/clothes/anything at all. Who doesn't like to spend my money, unhappy even if we go for a good meal once in a blue moon. Who thinks that the most important thing is that we are happy and healthy.

I am thankful for having a healthy body. I am in the process of getting fitter, and I'm glad for what I have. Strong bones, teeth and nails. Long healthy hair. Fitness to carry out day to day activities. And so many other things like having perfect health and not being put on long term medication anymore. I'm so so so thankful for not having to pay special attention to many things and yet live in better condition than so many other people. I'm living in bliss and abundance, and I am very grateful for it!

Take a look around you. How many people are unhappy due to being oblivious to the things they are blessed with? Do you want to be like them?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hi, welcome to the new me!

As we all know, it's rather innate for us to judge people based on what we read on their blogs rather than on how this person is in real life. Understandable, at times I indulge in judging people too. To judge is simple - we just allow our brains to tell us whatever it wants. But to understand someone is difficult; we have to spend time unpacking the actions and behaviour, straightening out and reasoning ourselves as to why some things happen - it is some sort of tough work yo.

So judge me. I don't need you to work your brains.

My name is Huishi, a locally born and bred Singaporean. Currently working at some covenant, and living on my own. Sort of. Independent for someone who's rarely 21, but I'm proud to say I've learnt many things the hard way. So don't bother telling me things I already know, I've probably "been there, done that".

Things you can be let in: I love reading sappy love stories and listening to mushy love songs. Possibly a hopeless romantic. In love with love, but afraid to fall. Don't smoke don't drink don't club don't have a boyfriend.

I'm more like a riddle. The sort that boggles your mind, but the answer is simple in the most complicated terms. Go figure!