Sunday, August 31, 2014



the other day when i went to ho chi minh, we went clubbing. sort of.

fucking wasted and vomited our guts out lolol
as much as i'm grown up and matured, its weird how alcohol controls every bit of me sometimes when i allow myself to be drunk hahahhaahaha

super funny but also very horrible
its like a weird dream in a foreign city

why i think i drank fake alcohol:
4 people partying (and we bought shots for the bartender, DJ and random people who was around us)
we bought 2 towers of cocktails
long island and mojito
i think 3 litres or something like that
cant really remember or recall

but really!
the hungover was sososososo bad
me and A was vomiting so bad too
probably my WORST so far
fell asleep at the toilet bowl and walked into the wardrobe and hit my face on the wall etc
super epic

i think we've been sold fake alcohol
if you dont know how a bad hangover tastes like... good for you
if you know about fake alcohol, dont bother consoling me, the damage is done.

and the aftermath was very bad as well
DAYS after the Night, my entire body was haywired
very very dry
bad skin
all the bad stuff started kicking in!

so watch out if youre partying outside
be careful and dont end up like me...... if you can.

thank you middle finger

thank you my dearest middle finger, all these time you have been sticking out for me.

today at a boutique:
"we have big sizes for that too"

"that design will make you look skinny!"

"this is stretchy, should fit you!"

"oh, i didn't know you could be so huge that you can't fit into an M"

eh fuck you all.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Had class today from 12-630. 
On a saturday. 
Sunday's class is 830-630. 

Much worse than my typical work day. 
Running a fever and horrible headache throughout lesson. Not to mention diarrhoea too T_T

Best part is i cant afford to skip lesson and miss out :( 
Wanted to cry so badly hahaha. 
Feeling so cold one moment and sweating up the next moment. 

So i went to sit in the sun alone to warm myself up and motivated myself. Blanked out for the remaining 1/4 of the lesson. 

Felt so horrible i slept from the moment i reach home. 
Still feel terrible as i wake. 

There used to be a time i'd take MC to skip school. Now its just like "i just wanna go to school :("

Monday, August 18, 2014



"They won’t tell you that you’ll forget about it most days. Because in the end, it’s not a tattoo that you’ll wear, branded to your skin like a scarlet letter. It’s simply a memory, something that happened in your life, a choice that you made."

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Tried chatroulette and omegle for the first time. 

1) toooooo many dicks. Like literally wanking off. 

2) watched someone get stoned. And asked if he was bored. And he answers "i'm stoned. Remember?" Lolol embarassing. 

3) people in belgium speaks dutch, french and english

4) ratio of girls is to boys = 1:15?

5) "damn you're cute/pretty/attractive" almost always comes with "wanna see my dick?"

6) saying someone has a "nice smile" makes them wanna smile more

7) omegle stop directing me to porn sites please!

8) i'll go back to omegle and chatroulette again. Its funny and time flies when you're there lol