Thursday, January 23, 2014

My potato

If one day xiaoyi lose all her memory, xiaoyi will still wanna remember how you pretend to cry :) so precious

Thursday, January 16, 2014


In case anyone feels down....


I wanna remember these:

I earned 380$ from a game in my iphone because i met awesome people along the way and they helped me a lot. I did not put in a single cent into the game, just lots of effort and PR time. Haha. 

I used to money to go to the dentist, bought new bedsheet/quilt cover, new pillow, new air tight containers (i love containers!!!), a new murano glass pandora charm...if there's any excess, put it to my hair cut. 

I can already feel my luck getting better in 2014! So awesome, so awesome! Things are going on towards the high side and i am really glad it is! And so grateful. Gogogo hersheys!

Have you ever wondered if someone wants to talk to you as much as you wanna talk to them? I dont know. I dont ljke it when i think this way cause when the other person doesnt, i feel kinda sad. Kinda. BUTBUT, all's good :)

Wanna buy lots and lots of stuff. So happy for the good luck its like buddha became my buddy again! 

Till next time

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Make an oath to yourself too!

I will study hard. And i will try not to be lazy. Cut down on taxis. Maximise my pennies. 

Weird thing that happened today:
Was telling R how much i love my sandals yesterday. Then i'm so glad i bought it and stuff. Today, it broke. I didnt trip, didnt tug at it, didnt do weird shit. It just magically broke. Yeah, time for new sandals. 

Lesson learnt?
When life give you broken sandals, walk. Albeit awkwardly you may throttle, but keep calm and keep walking. And get new sandals. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

I dont care!

Dont care i look ugly or fat or old or tired. Heres me and my little potato :)