Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Sometimes you try your best but it just doesnt work out well. Then you keep trying. 

Its like trying to move mountains. The mountains look down on the insignificant you and continuously mock at your incessant efforts to move. It wouldnt budge. Even if you put in all your efforts and you feel hurt trying to do so. It wouldn't even pity you and move an inch. It just keep growing taller. Soon, the sun, the surroundings, and all the other things came together and put you down. Not because you're trying to move the mountain anymore. 

Because you are not one of them. 

And you will never be.

Maybe the sun may shed some light of pity and concern on you, but you must know, the sunlight cannot move the mountain either. When the rain comes, the sun still goes into hiding and you're all on your own again. 

Its so tiring. I just want to feel at home again.