Tuesday, December 30, 2014


A sneak peek into my otherwise private post. 

But anyway, i kid. 
I survived 14'! Yay!!!!
Some keyhighlights were: graduated from Uni after 3 long years (with merit - somehow this is better than a basic degree. Haha), went to see snow/skiied for the first time, landed myself a job in somewhere i told myself never to work at - a bank. Hahahaha. 

But in any case, let's just say it all goes smoothly, i can suppose i will be getting my car/bike by 2016. 

But of course, lessons first. 

And now that i am freed from studies, i am exploring things i should do on my off days...
And 24 days of annual leave?! Damn i need to travel!

Maybe i'll do piano lessons, or maybe buy a trumpet if i am real rich. But till then, i guess i'll enjoy lazing around. 

Looking forward to 15's first trip with the folks. 

Lets hope this damned flu, cough and sore throat clears up soon too!