Monday, February 25, 2013

What if it's still 2010?

There was a thing called "Finding my way back..." sometime ago.
Someone told me it will be deleted, but out of this anonymous surge of emotions, I went to type in the address ....poof. 
There I was, reading back at each and every post.

What if it's still 2010?
I would still have been taking A levels and life is probably much simpler.

It's all about studying - no need for work, no need for part time jobs, no need to worry about parental expectations of contributing to the household.

Of course, through all these, I grew.
Just wished that we were still talking.
Be it good, be it bad.

Reading how much I could have felt for a person at a point of time, it scares me to how much I am feeling for Baby now.
What if one day he decides to just walk out of my mess and leave me to lurch again?
What would I be left with?

I cannot stomach all these over and over again, y'know?

But if you know me well, you would probably know I'm the best liar on Earth.
I'd never let anyone who is not close to me know about my real plight.
Even if they're close, I am used to painting portraits of deceit that shows the greatest myriad of bliss and everything good.

2013, be good.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Brimming with bliss

D'you know how blissful it is to just fill your mind with someone, and a smile comes on automatically?